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Pixelism offers you various options to manage your emails. You can view emails online via your internet browser using our webmail system, you can set them up as email accounts on your computer or you can set up an email forwarder to forward all of these emails to any current email address you use.


Advanced Mailbox -  £17.50 per year per email account

Like standard mailboxes, Advanced Mailboxes are POP3 but they offer many more features. Advanced mailboxes include virus scanning and spam filtering, and can be accessed by roaming (authenticated) SMTP.

Advanced mailboxes also feature 100 MB space or 5000 emails, whereas Standard mailboxes are limited to 20 MB or 500 messages.

Additional storage space can be added to Advanced mailboxes, but not to Standard mailboxes.

Advanced mailboxes also feature separate standalone mailbox control panels (MCPs), enabling end-users to self-manage their own mailboxes.

The Advanced Mailbox Control Panel offers the following features:

Personal Details

  • Add personal details to your email account


  • Mailbox Usage – assess and manage your current mailbox usage
  • Autoreply – set up auto responders if you are away from the office for a period of time
  • Email forwarding – add email addresses to receive forwarded copies of your emails
  • Change password – change your mailbox password

Spam Filtering

  • Filter level – adjust the level of Spam Filtering you require (default setting is 5)
  • Action for Spam – decide whether to delete Spam emails automatically or to have Spam indicated in the subject line of your emails (default setting)
  • Exempt Spam – identify safe email addresses to avoid having them treated as Spam
  • Spam – add definite Spam email senders to have them automatically treated as Spam

Access Details

  • Always have your email account details to hand in case you need to set up your email account on a different computer.

NB: Both Standard and Advanced mailboxes can be accessed using any web browser using the webmail interface.


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