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Two common questions we get asked are, "how do I set-up an email account on my computer?" or "How do I access my Webmail?". Below you will find detailed information on how to manually set-up an email account within Outlook Express or Outlook. How to import email account settings from an .iaf file and how to access your email account online via Webmail.


Setting Up an Email Account in Outlook Express

Step 1: Click the Windows Start button in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, then click All Programs. Find Outlook Express in the list of software and click it.

Step 2: Outlook Express will open. Click the Tools menu, then click Accounts.

Step 3: The Internet Accounts window will open. Click Add in the top right corner. Click Mail in the menu that appears. This will open the Internet Connection Wizard.

Note: If it is the first time you have run Outlook Express on this computer, the Internet Connection Setup wizard may start automatically.

Step 4: On the first screen of the Internet Connection Wizard, you'll be asked to enter a display name. This is what most email users will see in the inboxes instead of your email address. Enter your name, then click Next.

Step 5: Enter your full email address. This made up of the mailbox name you chose, an @ symbol and your domain name.

Example: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

When you have entered your email address, click Next.

Step 6: On the E-mail Server Names screen, select POP3 from the drop-down list.

Enter (replacing with your domain name) in the Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) server text box.

Contact your ISP for your SMTP details and enter them in the Outgoing mail (SMTP) server text box. For your convenience we have provided a page within our website with a list of Internet Service Providers (ISP) and their SMTP servers [ SMTP SERVER LIST ] simply find your Internet Service Provider within the list and add the appropriet details.

When you have entered your mail server names, click Next.

Step 7: On the Internet Mail Logon screen, enter your full email address in the Account name text box. If you enter just the mailbox name or your control panel username, this will not work.

When you created the mailbox, you chose a password. Enter this in the Password text box.

When you have entered your mailbox name and password, click Next.

Important: The Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) should not be selected.

Step 8: Click Finish and the mailbox will be added to Outlook Express.

Step 9: You will be left at the Internet Accounts window.

Step 10: Click the Mail tab, then double click the email account you have just set up.

Step 11: If your ISP's SMTP server requires username and password authentication, click the Servers tab and ensure the My server requires authentication check box is selected, then click OK.

Step 12: Finally, click the Tools menu, then click Options. Set how often you want Outlook Express to check your mailbox for new mail in the Check for new messages text box. Click OK and your new email account is now ready to use.


Importing Email settings into Outlook Express from a backup/settings file (.iaf file)

To import the email account settings into your Outlook Express please do the following:

Start Outlook Express

From the top menus select "Tools" and the from the drop down menu select "Accounts"

Click the "Mail" tab and on the righthand side select "Import"

Locate the Email Account file , select it and click OPEN

The email account settings for that account have now been imported
That's it! you have now inported the settings into Outlook Express ;-)

If the email account is not set as your 'default' account click 'set as default' on the righthand side while the account name is selected.

Press Send and Receive, you should now receive all emails waiting in your mail box for this email account.


Accessing your email account online via Webmail

To access the Webmail service for one of your email addresses do the following:

In the URL address bar at the top of your web browser type in webmail. (webmail dot) followed by your domain name (don't put www.webmail as the www. is not necessary).

For example if your domain is then enter

The WebMail login page will now appear.

For the Mailbox enter the first part of the email address (the part before the @ ) you want to check. e.g. info if you wanted to check the email account This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Enter your password and click on the Login button. A list of your email messages appears.

For full details on how to use the WebMail service click on the Help link at the top of the Webmail page.

To quit WebMail click on the logout link.



Please note for security ALWAYS LOGOUT especially if you access and use the webmail in say for instance a public internet cafe or even on a friends computer. If you forget to log out it would be possible for someone to access your email account via the webmail, although this would only be for a short while as the access session will timeout after a short time.

This fact applies to anything that you login to via an internet browser*.

(*e.g. Internet Explorer / FireFox)


Email Options - A brief overview and things to consider..

Pixelism offers you various options to manage your emails. You can view emails online via your internet browser using our webmail system, you can set them up as email accounts on your computer or you can set up an email forwarder to forward all of these emails to any current email address you use.

Viewing Online via Webmail

PROS: The advantages to viewing your emails online are that you can check them wherever you are in the world which is a useful way to check your emails when you are away from home or the office.

CONS: The disadvantages to viewing your emails online are that it is best only used as a temporary option – the webmail based system only has limited features and doesn’t keep a copy of any emails you send (so we recommend that if you wanted to keep a copy you should send a copy back to yourself). You are also limited to storing 500 emails on the webmail system at a time.

Setting Up Email Accounts on Your Computer

PROS: The advantages to setting up your emails onto your computer using an email client such as Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook mean that all of your emails are safely kept on your computer. Even if you do set up your email accounts on your computer you still use the webmail system if you are away – as all new emails are stored here until you download them onto your computer.

CONS: You will need to set up the email account on your computer although this doesn't have to be complicated. We have detailed instructions available on the website to do this and we are always available to help if you get any problems.

Forwarders and Forwarding Email

PROS: The advantage to setting up an email forwarder for you is that you don’t have to do anything! All emails sent to either This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it are automatically forwarded to any email address you specify.

CONS: The disadvantage to setting up an email forwarder is that when you respond to your emails you would be responding via your specified email address rather than This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it which of course doesn’t look so professional.


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