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Web Image / Photo Galleries

Price on application as it is usually project dependant. This mainly depends on whether the client wants to be able to update the galley themselves. Pixelism only charges for required services (server type / database) and set-up time making our Image Photo Gallery system a very affordable option. It's also very easy to use ;-)

Pixelism can provide various types and styles of Image / Photo Galleries. Depending upon your requirements they can even be updateable by yourself. The example gallery above is our most popular method of deploying a gallery for the web. If you look through our website portfolio you will see the system below used in many of our example sites as either a slideshow, a web photo gallery or even used to display advertisements or products within a website. You may have also noticed we use the system throughout this site too :)

The system is completely customisable and configurable to fit the design of pretty much any website. It's only requirement is that is uses the Adobe Flash browser plugin. This has the added advantage that the images displayed with the system cannot simply be right clicked and saved. (just thought I would point out that added bonus.. great for photograghers).

Gallery Control:

To view an image album select one of the categories above.

The numbers below the image represent the current sequence of images in order. You can click a number to pause and view the image. (Pressing the space bar also play/pauses an album slideshow). When you place the mouse pointer over a number a thumbnail for that image will appear. The Plus and Minus buttons advance and go back to the previous image when the slideshow is in paused mode. When the album slideshow is paused press the PLAY to resume playing the slideshow. If you place the mouse pointer over the main displayed image a tab will apear with additional information. (if any is available) If when the mouse pointer is over an image it turns into a hand, clicking the image will link to either a larger image, a specific web address or website.

To view a different album click the Gallery icon GALLERY in the bottom left corner and choose an option.

Various examples of how the web image gallery system can be tailored and used can be seen by following the links below.


Gallery Examples:


Mini Gallery Examples:


Slideshow / Banners Style Examples:


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